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Allie Ayers About

Our founder, Allie Ayers, has been in the modeling industry since she was a teenager. As a "middle size" model, she has gained perspective on the gaps in women's fashion. After being featured in the 2018 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, she decided to use that momentum to make a change.

Bissy Swim is a sexy, fun solution providing flattering swimsuits to women of all sizes.

Bissy swim takes a fresh look on designing swimwear. We not only provide swimwear for sizes 0-26; we also know that each size range has different requirements.

That's why each style is fitted on three different fit models before production. There is a "straight size" fitting for our smallest sizes, a "middle size" fitting, and then we have a "plus size" fitting for Curve sizes. There is nothing "copy and paste" about the way we take our sample suits up to a size 26.

Taking this level of care in the production process ensures that every woman will find her perfect fit.

I hope Bissy gives sexy options to sizes that previously have been overwhelmed with swimwear designed to cover them up…

because curves don’t beg to be covered.”

– Allie, Founder of Bissy Swim